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Could you be sabotaging your success and screwing your life over?

January 10, 2012 in Leadership, Motivation, Personal Growth, Successful Living

At the beginning of every year, many people make resolutions that they even forgot making by the middle of January.  Statistics show that 97% of people who make resolutions fail to carry them out.  If there are no intentional actions behind those resolutions, 2012 will be just another year and nothing significant would have changed.  While making resolution and setting goals is a great practice, there is usually a gap that separates those who achieve their goals and those who don't. And that gap - the great separator between success and failure - is action.

Mel Robbins in the video below urges us to stop sabotaging ourselves and screwing ourselves over by understanding and using the power of activation energy. Lead your life instead of just living your life. Reduce points of procrastination and roadblocks preventing you from pursuing and achieving your dreams by putting some intentional actions behind those resolutions.

Here's to a successful and fruitful 2012.  Happy New Year!


Keep your eyes on the prize – “Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure”

October 1, 2011 in Motivation, Personal Growth, Successful Living

You were made great!  So, don't give up on yourself and your Grand Overall Designer (God). Keep your eyes on the prize and manifest your greatness!

Hold your image of what it is you want to create.

The Attitude Shift – BlogTalkRadio’s Interview with my friend Paul Martinelli

July 18, 2011 in Business, Motivation, Personal Growth, Successful Living

This is a great interview with Paul Martinelli that will add great value to your life.  Please take some time to listen and reap the gems. Paul is a great and insightful teacher and trainer. I'm delighted to be associated with him as a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of Coaches, Trainers and Speakers.

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About Paul Martinelli:
From humbled beginnings, today Paul is traveling the globe and spreading the word about unleashing one’s true potential and the power of what the mind can truly accomplish. Paul’s plain spoken wisdom immediately connects with individuals and groups from all backgrounds. He is also a master at training others on how to become skilled personal development coaches and platform speakers and offers customized programs in these areas.

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