Upcoming Events

Below are the upcoming events.  Be intentional today and sign up to start or take the next step in your growth journey.

  1. Mastermind Groups (Free of Charge)

    There is synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group. Join us and we will help you to achieve success with intent.


    21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

    - Other assessments for mastermind courses coming soon!


  2. "Learn, Grow and Achieve" Monthly Teleseminars  (Free of Charge)

    Make an investment in the most important person leading to your success – YOU. Call in once a month to sharpen both your personal and business / occupational skills.

  3. YouthMax - John Maxwell Team Youth Leadership Event (At No Charge to Youth Organization / On-Demand)

    The John Maxwell Team of trained and certified coaches will equip 14-18 year old youth with leadership and self-confidence skills in four key areas: stand-up & be counted, personal character, positive self-image and failing forward to success.

    Partnering with YouthMAX provides a unique opportunity for your organization’s youth to learn how to lead themselves and others with character, mutual respect and integrity through the teaching of John Maxwell, the top leadership author in the world. We hope you’ll join with us to make a difference for our youth!

    YouthMAX is presented at no charge to the youth, schools or youth organizations who wish to participate.